10 Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Custom Software

Software Integration

Aging software can be such a pain! Your business is running smoothly and then suddenly, you realize that this piece of software that someone built for you is starting to get old. It hasn’t been updated in a long time. The developer is either not responding to requests or they’re slow to do so. The […]

Calculating the Cost of a Software Failure

Introduction In today’s technologically-driven manufacturing landscape, robust, efficient, and reliable software systems serve as the backbone of operational success. They not only streamline production processes, but also foster innovation, enhance cost-efficiency, and enable organizations to stay competitive. However, when these systems, especially those tailored to specific business needs, become outdated, they transform from an asset […]

5 Ways Leaders Can Help Remote Teams Collaborate and Work Together

Remote Teams Collaborate

If one thing has become really clear, really fast this week it is this: Companies need to be able to have their employees work collaboratively and effectively remotely.   Social distancing as a response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has sent us into our homes, and as a result, the workforce has become completely dispersed.  This places […]

4 Ways To Boost Collaboration By Breaking Down Silos Between Departments

Silos are hard to predict and identify, which makes them the number one enemy of both small and medium-sized businesses. When you’re not paying attention, these “disconnects” fester and grow. Eventually, they have devastating consequences on efficiency, productivity, innovation, and morale. In the long term, they relentlessly erode business growth. There are many major causes […]